Software Engineer Intern

At TripAdvisor I'm currently working as an iOS engineer intern. I'm working as part of the Core Services team and hope to learn as much as possible about what it takes to be a good software engineer, at a company that's main business revolves around their applications.

Software Developer Intern

At Siemens I worked as a software developer intern in their internal IT department. I developed several mobile applications for both iOS and Android which sped up and improved internal processes from how field technicians reviewed wind turbines to how HR handled travel reimbursement. I also focused on future technologies from augmented reality to visual recognition to detect faults in hardware. My team and I also placed 1st in a company run hackathon where we developed a hardware system for tracking packages and containers with minimal hardware and cost.

Open Source

I'm very active in the open source community and have created and open sourced several frameworks for iOS. I love helping and contributing to a community that puts good software above monetary gain. If you'd like to see some of the work I've done or even help out with some projects feel free to click the link below!

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What else have I been working on?


An iOS application written in Swift to help students keep track of their progress in school.

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An open-source circular progress bar for iOS written in Swift.

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A visual recognition and machine learning iOS application.

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Magic Mirror

A Smart 'holographic' mirror project for Raspberry Pi.

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